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Celebrate St. Patrick’s and Go Green with FiberCel

Mar 16

There’s an assumption in corners of the manufacturing world that incorporating environmentally friendly processes onto their work floor requires costly investment in new equipment and a lengthy training and calibration process to optimize it to your environment. With more than…

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Lowering Costs and Going Green with Molded Pulp

Jul 21

In today’s marketplace, there is a litany of options relating to internal packaging. With the ever-growing importance of sustainability and increased regulation on recycling and waste, each material has its own benefits, but some have a higher upside than others….

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Cutting Costs Through Design

Jun 25

Packaging is a necessary cost of moving products through the pipeline, so ensuring your packaging process is as efficient as possible should be a core concern for your business. There are costs associated with the creation, storage, and implementation of packaging…

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Molded Pulp: A Legacy of Strong, Green Cushioning

Mar 30

Molded Pulp burst on the scene as packaging for delicate items like fluorescent light bulbs and produce, but in recent years it has emerged as a leading material for cushioning in the electronic, consumer, and high volume industrial products space….

Superior Performance

Through innovative engineering, FiberCel has been able to provide superior cushioning performance, eliminate surface scuffing, reduce weight and lower costs. Our dedication to customer service ensures a reliable, on-time product.

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Packing Should Be Easy

Aug 23

When project managers look at their supply chain, they are forced to prioritize the things they focus their time on and often packaging can be relegated to the bottom of the list. Packaging decisions are often made purely on the…

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Experience + Stability = Savings

Jul 25

If you’ve been following these posts you know that molded pulp has emerged as a leading material for cushioning in the electronic, consumer, and high volume industrial products space. You are surely aware of its ability to absorb impact energy…

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Value Through Holistic Design

May 31

For many project managers, internal cushioning is a necessary evil, relegated to an afterthought, set up initially and rarely revisited. For many industries, the solution for protecting a larger or irregularly shaped part is simply to increase the amount of…

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