True Cost of Freight

When evaluating partners in their supply chain, project managers traditionally look for the best provider the shortest distance from themselves. The longstanding logic is that close proximity lends itself to easy communication and fast shipping resulting in overall cost savings.

It would be wonderful if life’s decisions were so straightforward, but there are a litany of factors that complicate the manufacturer/supplier relationship and when it comes down to it, the supply chain cannot be dictated by logistics alone.

A product isn’t cost-effective if you are forced to order large quantities that end up being lost to age and obsolescence. Inefficiently designed packaging can result in excess expense shipping what amounts to empty air.

When a supplier has had your business for a significant amount of time there’s less incentive to double and triple check a product or order, especially when the material provider feels any mistakes can be remedied by sending over a few last second trucks. After all, your facilities are so close by…

FiberCel packaging, made from 100% recyclable molded pulp has been providing superior cushioning performance, eliminating surface scuffing all with a reduced weight and lower costs for more than 40 years.

Our products are 50% nestable and present an average pallet footprint of 4 x 4. This means you can ship and store more packaging in less space than ever before making us a great compliment to lean manufacturers as well as the environmentally conscious.

Our engineering experience coupled with our refined, repeatable manufacturing process means you are always getting packing that is up to your standards and be trusted to keep your product safe.

Call us today to how you can lower costs and increase packaging performance with FiberCel Molded Pulp!

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Superior Performance

Through innovative engineering, FiberCel has been able to provide superior cushioning performance, eliminate surface scuffing, reduce weight and lower costs. Our dedication to customer service ensures a reliable, on-time product.

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