For over 40 years, FiberCel has been a leader in high-performance, protective packaging. Our molded pulp packaging solutions are custom-engineered and provide total product protection to even the most delicate contents.

A pioneer in the use of 100% recyclable fiber, FiberCel has gone the extra mile to exceed all environmental criteria. In fact, FiberCel packaging products annually eliminate over 5,000 tons of material from the solid waste stream.

Through innovative engineering, FiberCel has been able to provide superior cushioning performance, eliminate surface scuffing, reduce weight and lower costs. Our dedication to customer service ensures a reliable, on-time product.

  • A direct replacement for EPS and corrugated die-cuts
  • Total Product protection
  • Made from 100% molded pulp (recycled paper fibers)
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Clean, natural manufacturing process

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